As we get closer to going back to school, it will be important for our kids to know how to wear masks.  We have some wonderful links below to help your family talk to your child about safety issues that will be put in place as they head back to school.  

Just a few reminders:

It will take some practice for your child to be able to wear a mask.  You will want to think about these things as you proceed:

·        Find a mask that is the preferred texture if this is an issue for your child (such soft, design, etc.)
·        Begin by reading these social stories several times before expecting your child to wear a mask
·        Family members should wear masks too in order to model proper safety
·        Start by having your child wear the mask for just a few minutes at a time. 
·        Work up to wearing the mask for longer periods of time
·        Think about praise and reinforcement for mask wearing behaviors.
·        If your child is in therapy or school, work with them to create a behavior plan for mask wearing 

Links to Resources 

1.       Autism Speaks has a whole section of their website dedicated to Covid 19.  There are links to information for families, as well as educators and health professionals.  Please visit
2.       Autism Little Learners website has many great social stories that can be used with children.

3.       Autism Society has social stories as well.  Log on to their website  and answer a few short questions.  They will send you a zip drive with many resources.
4.      CoBALT leadership created a social story for a BOY ( or a GIRL ( These are on the website individually as well.