| Many symptoms of autism can cause children and adults on the spectrum to behave in ways that can be challenging for loved ones and professionals to understand or address. Though these behaviors and their severity vary widely across the spectrum, many of the same strategies and principles can be applied. The Autism Speaks website offers tool kits, expert advice and personal perspectives focused on limiting challenging behaviors and promoting positive ones to help improve the lives of people with autism. Below is just a sample. Helpful strategies to promote positive behavior
It is important to develop strategies to increase the behaviors you want to see in your child, rather than just limit those you do not want to see. This excerpt from Autism Speaks Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit provides an overview. Strategy 1: Celebrate and build strengths and successes. Read More Parents seek help for son with autism and recurring behavioral crises
Recurrent behavioral crises are among the greatest challenges for children and families affected by autism. This two-part post from a child psychologist and psychiatrist will help you better understand and respond to crisis situations. Read More An Introduction to Behavioral Health Treatments:
This tool kit includes strategies you can use at home to limit challenging behaviors, an overview of behavioral treatments that you can seek out from qualified professionals, tips to improve the effectiveness of behavioral health treatments, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Read More Should my child take medicine for challenging behaviors?
Many families of children and adults with autism are faced with the option of using medicines to help treat challenging behaviors. There is no one right answer, and each decision is unique and personal. This Medication Decision Aid from the Autism Treatment Network can help. Read More Trending on social
"Trending on social" highlights one of the many heartwarming images shared with us by the autism community on our social channels. You can find this photo and many others by following us on Instagram. See More 

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