Can CoBALT teams diagnose Autism?
CoBALT teams are able to diagnose autism but the goal of the CoBALT teams is to diagnose developmental disorders that are NOT autism.  This helps those families not have to wait months for a visit to the DDC for this information and hopefully can get the child into the right services quicker.  Many CoBALT teams refer children they suspect have ASD to the Dennis Developmental Center for the full autism team evaluation.  As a family, you also have the choice to still come to the DDC.  You do not have to pick CoBALT or DDC.
How do I access a CoBALT evaluation for my child?
Families or your child’s PCP can contact CoBALT teams directly to schedule a CoBALT evaluation.  You can find a  CoBALT team close to your home and their contact information on this website.  
I would like to get an appointment at the James L. Dennis Developmental Center.  How do I begin that process?  Your PCP can complete paperwork for an appointment to the James L. Dennis Developmental Center.