It is important for families to understand what is expected for their developing child.  Many worries may be resolved just by giving good information about what is typical development.  Some information is free of charge (CDC Learn the Signs, Act Early) and can be ordered for your clinic.  
Resources to educate families in developmental milestones:
The CDC has free handouts for families about typical development.  The Learn the Signs, Act Early educational materials can be an excellent resource for your clinic because of family information but also trainings/educational materials for you and your staff.
Click here for the CDC link to Learn the Signs, Act Early:
Resources to educate families in Parenting Skills:
The Center for Effective Parenting is an exceptional support for professionals and parents right here in Arkansas.  There are classes on parenting (primarily in the Little Rock area) and free handouts and information on their website.  Click here to access:
Healthy Child Care Arkansas (HCCAR) has a web-based training on Managing Challenging Behaviors.  While this was originally designed to train child care providers, some of the information and handouts can be effective for parents.  To access this information families can to go to the website  On the website there is a link to register for 7 web-based course entitled "Managing Challenging Behaviors".  You can also contact  HCCAR (501 526-8737 or and ask for brochures to be sent to you office.