Guidelines for the Medical Management of Children with ASD 
 Even though a child may receive an ASD diagnosis from a subspecialty group, the PCP/health provider typically continues the medical management of children after they receive a developmental/ASD evaluation.  Just like children without developmental concerns, children with developmental issues/ASD should receive routine medical care such as medical check-up, immunizations, dental care, etc.  In some ways, it is even more important for children with ASD to have routine medical care since they may not be able to communicate problems to adults.
The research has shown us that there are some medical co-morbidities that are seen more frequently for children diagnosed with ASD.  If you are the medical home for a child with ASD, it will be important for you to have education for yourself about these conditions and information for families.  The following medical issues have been shown to be associated with an ASD diagnosis:
GI issues/feeding issues
Sleep disorders
Behavioral Issues/Attention Issues
Resources for you:

Here are links to some articles that can give guidance in treating these conditions for your patients:
Here are some references to journal articles that also will be helpful:
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