Over the past decade, professional groups have been reviewing the literature for best practices in this area and have compiled and consolidated the information into usable guidelines and algorithms. These standards include the suggested tools to use when screening.  Below are links from numerous professional organizations (the American Academy of Pediatrics, CDC, etc.) on best practice standards.
Summary of steps in conducting a developmental screening:

1.  These next two links provide a concise summary of steps needed to conduct a developmental screen on children in your practice.  This first link is a great "one pager that you can easily access in a busy clinic.  The second link not only provides information about screening for developmental concerns but also gives you information about recommended screening tools you can use in your clinic.  Some of these tools are purchased (i.e. Ages and Stages) but some are free and can be found on-line (M-CHAT).  :
2.  This link has a clinical practice algorithm which can be very helpful:

3.  The following links will take you to more comprehensive articles on best practice screenings for developmental and Autism Spectrum Disorder:


4.  This next link site takes you to the American Academy of Pediatrics page that has on up to date information for medical personnel on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  More resources for ASD have been included in the ASD sections of the CoBALT website: