Autism isn’t the only diagnosis that allows your child to have therapy services. Many diagnoses qualify your child for services:  speech delays; motor delays; medical diagnoses; learning differences to name a few.  Your first step is talking to your child’s medical provider and your child’s teachers to see how they can help with starting the evaluations to qualify your child for services.  Here are some links that will help as well:

 1. Early Intervention Services.  In the state of Arkansas Early Intervention is also called First Connections or Part C.  This is a free service where a child aged 0-3 years can be evaluated and obtain therapy in their natural environment.  First Connections has many other services besides therapy services.  Parents can refer their own child for an evaluation.  To get more information about  First Connections go this link or call 1-800-643-8258.

2.  Early Childhood Services.  If your child is 3-5 years of age, a developmental assessment can be obtained through your local public school or the Early Childhood Special Education office at the Arkansas Department of Education.  To learn more about Early Childhood services, go to these links: