Not all information is created equal….be smart when looking at information on the internet!

It is now a common practice for all of us to “google” when we have questions.  Unfortunately many times we don’t know if the information is reliable.  We all have heard that saying “I have just enough information to make me dangerous”!  This can be especially true you are trying to find out if your child has a diagnosis or needs help.  

One of the difficult things about diagnosing most developmental delays is that there is no blood test or lab procedure to give us results about a developmental concern.  A good evaluation of your child requires time with professionals who are well trained in developmental issues.  Diagnosis usually takes time because professionals need to talk to families to get a good family history.  It is also important for them to get information from your child’s teachers or therapists too.   They also need to spend time with your child to get an idea of how their skills compare to other children their age. For example, if you are worried that your child has speech delays, your child’s language skills need to be measured and compared to what is expected from other children of that age.  

Nothing replaces a good, comprehensive evaluation of your child.  However, in the meantime, most families will search on line.  Here are some tips for searching and also some websites that we believe are reputable.  These are a good place to start in your search while you wait.

Some “rules of thumb” for searching the internet

1.  Stick to sites that have the .org or .edu as part of their web address.  These are typically affiliated with educational organizations, government organizations and will likely provide more balanced information that is based upon best research (evidenced-based).

2.  Remember that no website will completely describe your child and is never a replacement for a comprehensive evaluation.  While most of us read information on the internet, it is important to not jump to conclusions.

We have collected evidence-based and reputable information to help guide your searching while you wait for your PCP appointment, developmental testing evaluation or therapy services for your child. We hope that these will be helpful to you.  On this website, you can click on the boxes for different developmental areas to get more information and links to reputable sites.