Language is so important in navigating our world!!

Learning to communicate with language is one of the most important tasks a child can learn.  It allows them to learn about their world around them but also allows them to tell others their needs, feelings and to socially connect with others.  

Think about how much of our world depends on language.  When your child is an infant you talk with them and you are so happy when they understand what you are saying to them (this is called receptive language).  As they get older, we celebrate when they begin to use their own words (this is called expressive language) and often chuckle when they have trouble saying words correctly (this is called articulation).

What needs to happen before you have your child’s language skills checked?

When you are concerned about your child’s language, we always need to start with the question:  Can my child hear?  Think about it, if you can’t hear others talking to you, then your language is going to be delayed.  Any evaluation of your child will start with a good hearing examination to rule out any audiological issues (hearing issues).  You can start with your child’s medical provider to get help getting an updated hearing test.  Once this is completed, your child may be referred for a speech/language evaluation.  

 Who would test my child for possible language speech concerns?

Speech pathologists are the professionals who assess, diagnosis and treat delays in the different areas of speech.  Delays are often broken into two big categories:  delays in communication and/or delays in language. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the best source for information about language and speech problems.   
Please click on the following links to get information from ASHA about speech delays and communication disorders.